Portfolio by Investment

Active Portfolio

In recent years, we have entered in various areas of venture capital. You can see our active startups in the portfolio with direct investment in right.

Our indirect investment

We have also co-operated with other funds and VC and investment indirectly on startups. We are investing in other funds or investment vehicles.


  • Management buyout
  • Investor buyout
  • Fail

VC Firms

Venture capital firm is a way in which the private and public sectors can construct an institution that systematically creates business networks for the new firms and industries so that they can progress and develop. This institution helps identify promising new firms and provide them with finance, technical expertise, mentoring, marketing “know-how”, and business models. Once integrated into the business network, these firms are more likely to succeed, as they become “nodes” in the search networks for designing and building products in their domain.

VC Funds

The guidelines of these funds were approved by the Securities and Exchange Organization in 2015 with the aim of fundraising and invest in startups and innovative projects to develop and commercialization. Overall, these funds instead of investing in the stock exchange, invest in fast-growing companies.

Research and Technology Fund

These funds were created during the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Program with the aim of co-operative, invest and support the private sector in research and technology activities. These funds provide technology-driven facilities, issue Guarantee to private research and technology institutes, and provide financial and consulting services to startups and knowledge-based companies.

Investment Consulting Companies

An investment consultant refers to a professional who provides investors with investment products, advice, and/or planning. They do in-depth work on formulating investment strategies for clients, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals. We co-operate with Fintech Investment Consulting Company. This company provides financial services in two ways. The first is funding startups through fundraising and the second is funding mature companies by issuing equity securities in the capital market.


Startup accelerators, also known as seed accelerators, are fixed-term, cohort-based programs that include seed investment, connections, sales, mentorship, educational components, and culminate in a public pitch event or demo day to accelerate growth. We working to contribute and playing the main role in this area.