Iran Technology Development Fund (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in January 1989 in Tehran. The concept of Venture Capital refers to providing the necessary capital for startups and entrepreneurs businesses that are prone to leap and value growth, as well as high risk. In addition to investing, Iran Technology Development Fund will actively participate in the management and planning of the development of strategic models of these companies to help them prosper and develop their activities. The fund’s capital, along with its managerial and strategic assistance, is offered to young, growing, and economically viable companies and they use these facilities for advertising, market development, infrastructure creation, and manufacturing their products. The aforementioned facilities are provided by bringing together a strong network of cooperation and experts in the field of investment. By attentive study of the investment literature and designing indigenous models of venture capital, backed by nearly three decades of experience in financing innovative hi-tech projects, ITDF, as an economic institution that carries out VC activities, has now become one of the most important active funds in the country.


By means of investment and providing business consulting service to the startups and innovative businesses that have the potential for rapid growth, Iran Technology Development Fund is a venture capital firm that boosts investment and increases the value of those companies’ shares.


Our vision is to become the largest VC in the country and enter the international arena with a portfolio consisting of the best startups in the country.


The values of the Iran Technology Development Fund include creativity and innovation integrity, teamwork, honesty, commitment.

Our Shareholders